Life as i know it.


I don’t want to remember you. Remembering you means you’ll be gone. Remembering means I won’t have you in my life. I never want to remember you. 
running for me.

Running has become my escape from reality. My day doesn’t feel complete without it, yet it used to be something I dreaded. How amazing the feeling to run with no expectation. I finally have control- I can surge, take it easy, add or subtract mileage- and it has never felt better. I’m not running for anyone else but me. 10 years later I come to understand that I do love it. 

Running completes me. 

Man, do runners love running. They love everything about running. They especially like talking about running. After running, talking about running is the #1 thing runners seem to like. Also, is it just me or are runners crazily cultish about their running? Like, if they find out you’re a fellow runner, there is nothing you could do to sever the relationship. You could murder an elderly man and the only reaction would be, “See you at Red Coyote this weekend!” In summary: though very clearly insane, runners are sort of adorable and infectious in how enthusiastic they are.

— The Lost Ogle  (via irunbecauseican)

my refuge.

Maasai Mara, Kenya. Photography by mollyinkenya.
prince charming?

i have this warped vision of love.

i’m one of the minority of girls who doesn’t like the movie the notebook. i believe in true love, but not that someone will sweep me off my feet and change my life. i’ve learned that it’s not reality, and in real life that’s not how guys act unless there’s something they want from you. it seems that my childhood dreams of being like Cinderella have been shot by the fact that i’m still waiting for prince charming. i have a feeling that this picture-perfect of a guy is unrealistic, and i’m okay with it.

sure, someone amazing is out there, but i’ve accepted that i might never find a guy who will lay his heart on the line, because he can’t help it.

if you’ve met your prince, you’re very lucky. don’t let him go.

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